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CAUSE: Consortium for the Advancement of Underrepresented Student Engagement

“Socially it does not suffice that university organizations produce new scientific insight. It will be necessary to install fact-finding procedures, social eyes and ears, right into social research (Lewin, 1948, p. 206).”

The above quote from psychologist Kurt Lewin is timely. Today, universities still are exploring ways in which they can connect most effectively with their local communities. The Consortium for the Advancement of Underrepresented Student Engagement (CAUSE) examines the importance of including students in university sponsored community engagement activities. We examine ways in which linkages between what students are learning at college and what goes on in communities, connecting learning at colleges and universities with personal experiences and communities, can improve student retention as well as student academic engagement, sense of belonging, and perceptions of a supportive climate at their university.

Principal investigators and evaluators

Geoffrey Maruyama photos

Geoffrey Maruyuama, Ph.D.University of Minnesota, project director & principal investigator

Andrew Furco headshot

Andrew Furco, Ph.D.
University of Minnesota, co-principal investigator

David Cox headshot

David Cox, Ph.D.University of Memphis, subcontract principal investigator

Regina Day headshot

Regina Day Langhout, Ph.D.
University of California at Santa Cruz, subcontract principal investigator

Michelle Fine headshot

Michelle Fine, Ph.D.City University of New York, subcontract principal investigator

Shannon Wilder headshot

Shannon Wilder, Ph.D.
University of Georgia, subcontract principal investigator

Teresa Cordova head shot

Teresa Cordova, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, principal investigator

Debra Ingram headshot

Debra Ingram, Ph.D.
University of Minnesota, external evaluator

Michaela Hynie

Michaela Hynie, Ph.D.York University, external program evaluator

Research teams

University of Minnesota

The City University of New York

University of California Santa Cruz

University of Georgia

The University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Memphis

York University