Apply for a Certificate in OER Librarianship

September 10, 2018 — The Open Textbook Network is now accepting applications for an inaugural cohort of librarians to be certified in OER Librarianship. Applicants should be, or anticipate becoming, newly responsible for building open education programs at their institutions and seek formal training, a community of peers, and expert mentors in order to build sustainable, collaborative, and effective open education programs on their campuses. Librarians who successfully complete the full program will receive a Certificate in OER Librarianship from the Open Textbook Network.  

About the Certificate in OER Librarianship

The Certificate in OER Librarianship is a professional development program that will create effective open education program leaders who want to be stewards and advocates for open educational resources.

Librarians will develop comprehensive knowledge in open education and open education programming, and be able to apply that knowledge within their own local context, culture, and goals. In addition, participants will focus on practices necessary to navigate the interpersonal and institutional conflicts often encountered when building open education programs. Some examples include: navigating questions about academic freedom, building productive relationships with the campus bookstore, and engaging library colleagues in open education initiatives. The curriculum will also address how to build and sustain momentum with campus constituents, as well as supporting multiple layers of faculty engagement including OER adoption, creation, editing, and teaching strategies.

In addition, the cohort will benefit from close engagement with program faculty — open education leaders who have gained expertise through experience, professional development, and participation in various national initiatives.

The integrated components of the certification program include: online content, mentor-led cohorts, an immersive three-day in-person workshop, and post-workshop program development support and assessment.

In order to assure we can offer personalized attention to participants throughout the program, the initial cohort will be limited to 30 participants.

The Certificate in OER Librarianship is funded by a Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (RE-70-17-0073-17).

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  1. Gain fluency in defining open education, including its core benefits, challenges, and potential.
  2. Identify local collaborations and alliances that support faculty needs around OER adoption, use, and creation.
  3. Design and build sustainable open education programming based on local considerations, culture, strategic alignment, and goals.
  4. Develop strategies for measuring and articulating the impact of open education on multiple constituents to various audiences.
  5. Connect and collaborate with a cohort of librarians dedicated to developing OER initiatives across the country.

Selection Criteria

Participant selection will be based on:

  • a two-page CV, including areas of responsibility related to open education,
  • a letter of interest that describes what challenges you anticipate in building an open education program and reflects on how participation in the program may help you address those challenges,
  • a letter of support by your dean, director, or supervisor.

Please provide all documentation in PDF format.

Submit your application: 

Certificate Calendar

Application deadline: October 20, 2018, 11:59 pm
Notification: December 3, 2018

  • FebruaryApril, 2019: Participants will participate in online instruction, including readings and discussions with their cohorts.
  • April 810, 2019: The three-day Certificate in OER Librarianship in-person program will be held immediately preceding the ACRL 2019 Conference in April in Cleveland, OH.
  • MaySeptember, 2019: Participants have synchronous video discussions with your small group and mentors. During these discussions, participants will share progress reports, reflections, and support as they execute local action plans during the six months following the in-person program.
  • September, 2019: Program assessment by participant and their supervisor.


Cost to attendees: $350 includes registration and participation in the complete program. Cost of travel and accommodations to Cleveland are not included. Registration and costs associated with attending the ACRL Conference are not included.


See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.