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Bhaskaran and Sertic presented at CATSS symposium

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Postdoctoral researcher Divya Bhaskaran, PhD, and doctoral student Jacqueline Sertic from the Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory presented at the annual fall symposium of the U of M’s Center for Applied and Translational Sensory Sciencee (CATSS). Dr. Bhaskaran presented work of the lab’s ongoing clinical trial, “Can laryngeal vibration become a treatment for spasmodic dysphonia,” while Sertic reported on a recent project that investigated ankle proprioceptive function in physically active older adults, “How does ankle proprioception change in active older adulthood.”

Portrait image of Dr. Divya Bhaskaran smiling with earing and necklace in red top with black sweater
Dr. Divya Bhaskaran
Jacquelyn Sertic

HSC Lab publishes study on development of proprioception in children

Oct 19, 2022 : How does body awareness develop in childhood? This question was addressed in a study now published in the Journal of Motor Behavior. Dr. Jinseok Oh, a recent member of the Human Sensorimotor Control Lab (HSC)...

Bhaskaran accepts professorship at Hamline University

Sep 21, 2022 : Dr. Divya Bhaskaran, postdoctoral researcher at the Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory, will leave the university at the end of 2022 to join the faculty of Hamline University

HSC Lab’s Jinseok Oh is now Dr. Oh!

Sep 21, 2022 : Dr. Jinseok Oh, a member of the Human Sensorimotor Control Lab (HSC), successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on August 30, 2022.

Human Sensorimotor Control Lab receives National Science Foundation Award

Jul 13, 2022 : The Partnership for Innovation program of the National Science Foundation has awarded a $49,950 grant to the Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory (HSCL), a School of Kinesiology affiliate. The grant will cover allowable patent expenses (APEX) related to the research and development of the lab’s wristbot technology. Jürgen Konczak, PhD, director of the HSCL, is the […]

Bhaskaran and Konczak present at national symposium on laryngeal dystonia

May 3, 2022 : On April 30, Drs. Divya Bhaskaran and Juergen Konczak, team members from the Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory (HSCL), joined a panel discussion on recent research advances in laryngeal dystonia.

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