Future undergraduate students

Undergraduate students, who are interested in gaining research experience in a movement science laboratory may contact Dr. Konczak for more information. We usually require a commitment of at least one semester, preferably longer. In the past many undergraduate research assistants in the labs have been funded through the University’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the Lab

We invite undergraduate students, who are interested in gaining valuable research experience, to contact us. Undergraduate research assistants are able to take part in ongoing research projects or propose their own ideas. They will work with the lab’s research team. In the past, many undergraduate students were funded through grants from the University’s UROP program.


Mandy collects data from the manipulandum device which tests the accuracy and the speed of arm movements.
Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) grant recipient Mandy Wong works with researchers in the lab on setting-up an experiment.


Former UROP participants include:

Amanda Herrmann(2009)
Eric Reis(2009)
Matthew Sorensen(2008)
Allison Klumpp(2007)
Kim Krawczewski (2005)
Mandy Cheuk-Man Wong (2004)
Jeff Doughty (2002)
Dawn Arens (2001)
Nathan Anderson (2000)