Impact & Benefits

Open Textbook Network members gather and pool data to support the international growth and benefits of open education.

Textbook reviews by faculty, for faculty

We take academic freedom seriously, and know that only faculty can decide what book is right for their students and their course. Faculty from OTN schools are invited to review books from the Open Textbook Library. 70% of their reviews have 4 stars or higher (out of 5-stars possible), with all faculty ratings and comments freely available.

Measurable savings for students

With the average student budgeting $1200 annually for books and supplies, open textbooks provide real savings for students and their families. Nine early OTN members have reported a $1.5 million savings in textbook costs to students, with most of the savings realized in the past year.

Our reach is growing every day

One of our membership benefits are on-campus workshops to both introduce faculty to the use of open textbooks, and build support staff and administrative support for their adoption. Following these workshops, an average of 40% of attending faculty adopt open textbooks into their courses, resulting in near-immediate savings for students without compromising academic freedoms or integrity.

The traffic to the Open Textbook Library grows daily, with a 47% traffic increase in the last six months alone. More people are visiting the library to explore these textbooks and use them in their courses.

Learn more

Contact us to learn more about the OTN, and join the network. Systemwide and consortial partners are also welcome.