Resources for students

The UnGuide

The UnGuide is a place to find your footing in college—with tools to help navigate undergraduate school as a first generation student, a student of color, and/or undocumented students. Within the UnGuide online platform, students can share their experiences and resources, and relate with other students.

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The Student Summit

Intergenerational Summit at the University of Minnesota: Navigating higher education: Critical journeys for/through racial and educational (in)justice

Our approach to student-campus engagement is guided by real students. We held input sessions with undergraduate students from six sites involved in the First in the World grant to discuss what supports them and what holds them back from being successful and the role that community engagement plays in their achievements. Their feedback helped us shape FiTW-related programming for 2016-2017 and develop a student-developed web resource for other under-represented students, the Unguide.

Practical how-to guides

University of California, Santa Cruz: Guidelines for developing a contract between students and community partners